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Standing In Airports, Holding A Book, Listening To Stories

This week a reader of The Sanibel Sunset Detective novels e-mailed me several questions, ending with this one: “Why does a man with ten published books to his credit spend his time hawking a handful of them in an airport?”

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Trapped In A Snow Drift With A Legendary Movie Star, Television’s Biggest Actor, A Sex Symbol–and A Canadian Icon Named Pinsent

Reading through Next, Gordon Pinsent’s delightful autobiography (written with his friend, and mine, George Anthony), reminds me of the first time I got to know Gordon while we were trapped in a snow drift in northern British Columbia with one legendary

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The Art of Peeling Grapes In Barcelona

BARCELONA–We meet Chef Papa Serra first thing in the morning outside the sprawling Boqueria Market, expecting a porcine Spaniard with a beard, exuding twinkling-eyed Bonhomie mixed with sage observations about life and food. Instead, a trim twenty-eight-year-old New Zealander in

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With Brooke Shields’ Mother, Dancing On A Stove In Spanish Harlem

And then–I’m not quite sure how–Brooke Shields’ mother was in the kitchen of the restaurant in Spanish Harlem, dancing on the stove. The music was playing loudly, the cooks and kitchen  help were staring in amazement, as was I. Brooke

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When You Know Nothing, You Know Everything:Welcome To Barcelona

BARCELONA—When you finally know nothing in this fabled Mediterranean seaport city of five million, that is when you know everything. Welcome to Barcelona. Our guide through the vagaries and paradoxes of the world’s smallest big city— and the biggest small

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That Afternoon With Henry Fonda

In a fit of nostalgia yesterday I pulled John Ford’s 1946 western, My Darling Clementine, off my DVD shelf and watched it on our new fifty-five-inch Sony television screen. Magical: it brings old movies to life again with a sharpness and clarity that

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Bad Night In Paris: An Excerpt From The New Tree Callister Novel

Intrepid private eye Tree Callister returns for Another Sanibel Sunset Detective. The novel will be published by West-End Books next month, but it’s available now as an e-book.  Tree is in Paris with his wife Freddie celebrating her birthday. But Freddie has

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