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Thanks to everyone who has followed my adventures on this blog  over the past year.Your support and enthusiasm has made the usually humorous, sometimes painful business of writing these pieces a delight. And many thanks to all the Sanibel Sunset

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Remembering (Again) How I Nearly Killed Peter O’Toole

Since Peter O’Toole left the stage this past weekend at the age of eighty-one, there has been a huge outpouring of sadness and remembrance. It has been pointed out in his many obituaries that O’Toole encountered a few down periods

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Standing In Dealey Plaza, Thinking . . .

Arriving for the first time at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, I stood transfixed, thinking, I could have shot President Kennedy. Without knowing much of anything about guns, that’s what immediately crossed my mind at the place where President John F.

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“I’m Getting A Pulse”: My Brilliant (Acting) Career

Now that awards season is upon us–an Oscar to Robert Redford for his incredible performance in All Is Lost; take the statuette Cate Blanchett for what you accomplished in Blue Jasmine–it is time to reveal the unsung details of my

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Bobby Orr, Me, and the Mystery of Alan Eagleson

The release this week of Bobby Orr’s autobiography, My Story, and his extended appearance on CBC-TV’s The National, brought back memories of a long-ago encounter with Orr and Alan Eagleson, the notorious agent and promoter and one-time close friend who made the hockey great

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Goodbye To All That: Reflections On An Ending Summer and Chicken Pot Pie

 There will be no more chicken pot pie.The summer of things ending–has ended. I know it’s over because the Toronto Film Festival concludes this weekend. From here on in it’s downhill to bleak winter. So as the weekend approaches, I’m

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That Summer Lost In Rome

The apartment opened onto a view of Rome’s storied Via Veneto. As I stood staring down at the street, the Italian producer said, “Where you are standing now, this is the very spot where my friend Fellini stood when he decided

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Forever, Clinton

We lost a beloved family member yesterday. Clinton was the one with four legs and floppy ears. My wife Kathy and I held him in our arms at 6:15 last evening and told him how much we loved him as he

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Not Fade Away: Brian Vallée Two Years Later

What scares me most about losing the people you love is how they tend to stay lost.   Perhaps it is the survival mechanism of the living, the concentration of daily life, the necessity to keep putting one foot in front of

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Gina Mallet Remembered

Gina Mallet

The first time I heard of Gina Mallet, the Toronto theatre community was trying to get her fired. A press conference had been called to demand that something be done about The Toronto Star’s new drama critic, a former Time magazine writer

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