Kathy and Ron

Thanks to everyone who has followed my adventures on this blog  over the past year.Your support and enthusiasm has made the usually humorous, sometimes painful business of writing these pieces a delight. And many thanks to all the Sanibel Sunset Detective readers who have embraced Tree Callister and the gang on Sanibel Island. I could not have done it without you.

Onward and upward to a great 2014!


Author of "The Sanibel Sunset Detective" and "The Strange." Ron spends part of the year on Sanibel Island, Florida, where he writes detective novels featuring private eye Tree Callister. When he is not in Florida, he resides outside Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Kathy.

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10 comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
  1. Happy New Year’s Ron!
    — Vic and Angela

    • ronbase says:

      Thanks, Vic and Angela…all the best for 2014!

      • wordsaremagic says:

        Happy New Year, Ron! Sorry to have missed you at Times Square on Ft Meyers Beach after Thanksgiving. Am enjoying Tree’s adventures in book 4. I am finishing writing a little book about the 2 big old dogs that were so much a part of our lives for 12 years. I know you recently lost your dear Clinton. Thought you might like to read my doggie memoir–should be out in the spring by Outskirts Press. If you’d like, I will let you know. Keep on writing in 2014–I love your dry humor! Wam

  2. ronbase says:

    Thanks so much, Wam (hopefully I’ve got that right).

    I’m delighted you enjoyed the fourth book, and please let me know when your book arrives. We both must be in a doggy frame of mind these days. The title of my next novel is “The Hound of the Sanibel Sunset Detective.” As you may have guessed, Clinton plays a big part in the story.

    One other thing–and I’ll be glad to do it for you when your book comes out–a few words about “The Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives” on Amazon’s Sunset Detective web page would be of great help. If you have a moment to add a comment, you will find the link at amzn.com/B00GP1JDL0.

    Wonderful to hear from you, all the best for 2014–and please keep in touch!

  3. Bob Johnston says:

    Not old, just a very experienced kid. Not forgetful, just don’t give a damn ( as much) anymore. Not in decline, more like in recline. At least your mind is fine, your fingers still spill out words and thoughts and your life experiences would be the envy of the teenage Ron.

    • ronbase says:

      Thanks, Bob…I feel better just reading your note. I also feel a whole lot younger when I’m around my high school pals, so hopefully we will all get together this summer. It will help us all stay forever young!

  4. Tom Alderman says:

    Welcome to the old-guys’ club from someone who’s been a member for awhile already. Enjoyed your riffs on Paris. Made me nostalgic for the old town and the time I spent there. Especially enjoyed your description of dinner there.

  5. ronbase says:

    Thanks for your note, Tom…and come back to Paris. The city seems to have your name on it!

  6. The point is not how much is ahead but the quality of those precious years. When you chuck out all the idiot time in one’s past, it may well be that as much or more is ahead than behind. We are taking our nearly old selves to Miami for an art deco splurge but Paris in the rain does sound so appealing — at any age.

    • ronbase says:

      Well, I just hope you are right, Alison…what sustains me headed toward the abyss are great friends like you and David…how are you doing in Florida, by the way? Not very warm, I’m sure, but nothing like the icebox up here in the cold, cold north…I head back down in February. Keep in touch, let me know how you’re doing!

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