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At Lunch With Orson Welles

Unlike most of the people writing about him on the hundredth anniversary of his life, I actually met Orson Welles. As I stood to shake his hand, I do remember thinking, Wow, here I am shaking the hand of the

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The Lost Comics

Even though they had already been hugely popular in North American newspapers for at least twenty years, King Features, the granddaddy of newspaper syndicates, is celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of a lost, all-but-forgotten art form: the comic strip. As

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Blowing Out the Candles at Frank Sinatra’s Birthday Party

Frank Sinatra will not attend his hundredth birthday this month. However, Frank was at his eightieth birthday party. I know because I was there with him. You might say I helped him blow out the candles. Mind you, we weren’t

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The New Tree Callister Mystery Is Now Available on Amazon

The Four Wives of the Sanibel Sunset Detective has just become available on Amazon. You can download an ebook copy immediately or pre-order the print version and have it on your doorstep when it is published November 21. For your copy of

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Justin Trudeau’s Dad and Me

In Donald Brittain’s powerful 1978 television documentary The Champions, about the lifelong battle for Canada’s destiny between Pierre Trudeau and René Lévesque, there is a shot of Trudeau being interviewed in the midst of the 1968 Liberal leadership convention. Days away from becoming

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First Look: Ron Base’s new novel, “The Four Wives of the Sanibel Sunset Detective”

Tree Callister and his old friend Rex Baxter were having lunch on the screened-in terrace at the Lighthouse Restaurant, just off Sanibel Island, when Rex said, “I’m getting married in the morning.” “The song from My Fair Lady by Lerner

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A Month In Provence: What? I’m Not In Provence?

The black bulls are charging outside our apartment in Uzès. We are in this medieval French town to spend the next month experiencing the joys of Provence. Who knew about bulls? Les tauraux  are part of the tradition and commerce

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