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(Celebrity) Life Lessons from Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia, aka the actress Carrie Fisher, was living in an apartment on Upper West Side New York when I came knocking. This was not long after the Star Wars phenomenon had burst upon the world, catapulting Fisher into overnight

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Heart of the Sanibel Sunset Detective is available by clicking HERE

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Video: The Making of Heart of the Sanibel Sunset Detective

Inspired by a song and its legendary lyricist, driven by images he can’t quite shake, a writer travels from Florida to Savannah to Washington, D.C. in search of his next novel…  

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Undiscovered Spain: If Only the Shoes Fit

There are more shoe stores in Spain than there are anywhere in the known world. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation for this. But someone is selling shoes just about everywhere you travel. Street after street full of shoe

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A Writer On the Cobblestone Streets of Ibiza at Midnight

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The Wallflower at the Orgy Meets Jimmy Stewart

  Toronto writer Marni Jackson has written a novel about celebrity. Rose, the protagonist in Don’t I Know You? keeps having encounters with real-life famous people, the novelist John Updike, actors Bill Murray and Gwyneth Paltrow, singers Joni Mitchell, Leonard

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Baby, The Rain Must Fall: Remembering Glenn Yarbrough

The singer Glenn Yarbrough died in August at the age of eighty-six after suffering from dementia for years. His voice and his songs were such a pivotal influence on my adolescence, I can’t imagine how I missed the news of

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The End of Movies?

Cary Grant was a made-up character according to—Cary Grant. “I’m playing a part,” he told interviewer Jim Bawden. “It’s a part I’ve been playing for a long time, but no way am I really Cary Grant.” Gloria Swanson said Billy

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