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Steven Spielberg’s beautifully reimagined West Side Story succeeds in doing what the musical has always done to me—turning me a sobbing emotional wreck. Tears-streaming-down-my-face wrecked. For-god’s-sake-it’s-only-a-movie wrecked. Please-don’t-turn-the-house-lights-on-at-the-end wrecked. Leonard Bernstein’s brilliant score has only to swell majestically as Tony

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The Old Man and the Chair

It was falling apart, my chair. My forever office chair. The hours I have spent in that chair! I’ve written most of the Sanibel Sunset Detective novels sitting in that chair, written four Milton mysteries and two Priscilla Tempest mysteries

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When I phoned Rosalie Trombley, at the time one of the most powerful figures in the music business, I did not expect her to agree to talk to me. Writing for the Windsor Star, I had been something of a

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The Forgotten Comedian: Remembering Mort Sahl

When I encountered him, Mort Sahl was opening at The Top Hat, a Windsor, Ontario nightclub better known for take-my-wife-please comedians than it was for Sahl’s cutting-edge brand of satire. At that point, in the early 1970s, the Montreal-born Sahl

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The Legend Was a Lady: Remembering Martha Henry

To be honest, I didn’t know quite what to make of Martha Henry when I first met her on the set of White Light, a movie that I had written and was co-producing. After all, this was…Martha Henry! Even back

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Final Curtains

This past week Silverview, the last novel by the great John Le Carré arrived on my doorstep. Earlier, I saw No Time To Die, which—spoiler alert!—may very well be the final James Bond movie. And now word has come from

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Writing in the Time of Covid If you are a writer, a worldwide pandemic leaves you with little choice but to do what writers are supposed to do and yet try to avoid—write! In the past two years, hunkered down in Milton, Ontario, unable to

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Impossible…It can’t be ten years since the journalist, broadcaster, bestselling author, life loving force of nature, and best friend, Brian Vallee, made his exit. But there you have it, time passes and Brian is gone and a decade later a

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Fifty years ago, I was driving along the John Lodge Freeway in Detroit, Issac Hayes’ theme from the movie Shaft blaring away on the radio. That theme played constantly back then, its beat perfectly synchronized to the traffic on the

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THE LEON ROARED: Remembering Leon Spinks

One of the strangest experiences I had as a magazine writer was the time I spent with the onetime World Heavyweight Champion Leon Spinks who has died far too young at the age of 67. When I met up with

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