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The Four Wives of the Sanibel Sunset Detective

How does one detective end up married four times?

A good question, Tree Callister wishes he had the answer.

All he knows is that three of his ex-wives have arrived on Sanibel Island, off the west coast of Florida, much to the chagrin of Freddie, his fourth wife.

What’s more, all his ex-wives are in trouble.

Before Tree knows it, he is up to his neck in complications, including a jailed ex-wife, his best friend under arrest, a Russian oligarch who doesn’t like him, cops out to get him…

A murder or two.

And, oh yes, Marilyn Monroe shows up unexpectedly.

At a time when he is supposed to be retired and enjoying a quiet life on an island paradise, Tree finds himself in bigger jams than ever, trying to stay alive while he searches for a killer and asks himself that age old question: how does a private detective get married so many times?

Ron Base’s latest Tree Callister adventure, The Four Wives of the Sanibel Sunset Detective, tries to find the answer.

Sort of.

Download The Four Wives of the Sanibel Sunset Detective HERE.


The Hound of the Sanibel Sunset Detective

A big, floppy-eared hound dog. Answers to the name of Clinton.

The FBI wants him. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is hunting for him. All sorts of bad guys are willing to kill each other for him.

What Private Detective Tree Callister can’t figure out is why everyone wants Clinton.

Besides, Tree has retired. He’s no longer the only private detective on Sanibel Island, the laid-back paradise off the coast of Florida.

Except he keeps getting dragged back into a business where people tend to shoot him.

And now there’s Clinton in the life of Tree and his wife, Freddie. Despite their best efforts, they’ve fallen in love with their new pal. Tree is determined to protect him no matter what.

Even if it means getting himself killed.

Ron Base’s latest Tree Callister mystery thriller isn’t only a fast-paced, page-turning suspense novel—it’s also a heartfelt love story about the effect dogs have on our lives, and the lengths we will go to protect and cherish them.

The Hound of the Sanibel Sunset Detective will change Tree Callister’s life—and it might just do the same for readers!

Download The Hound of the Sanibel Sunset Detective HERE.

3D Book (2 SSDs)

The Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives

Joshua and Madison are pretty smart kids.

Except they have no idea what their father does for a living.

They suspect the worst.

That’s where Private Detective Tree Callister comes in. Josh and Madi want him to find out what their father does, and why he keeps disappearing.

But Tree has problems of his own. Everyone on Sanibel Island thinks he’s hiding nine million dollars that has gone missing.

The FBI is investigating him, the local cops are out to get him—and they are not happy that Tree keeps stumbling across dead bodies.

Then there is the diminutive, dangerous Paola who has no hesitation about killing anyone who gets in her way.

Including Tree.

It’s looking as bad as it ever has for Tree Callister in his latest—and most deadly—adventure.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Buy The Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives HERE.

 Another Cover3d

Another Sanibel Sunset Detective

Ron Base’s excting new Tree Callister novel features a mysterious woman who tries to seduce him in Paris and Key West—and may be trying to kill him on Sanibel Island. There is a former director of the Pakistani Secret Service, Miram Shah, who wants Tree to find his missing fiancée. Then there is accused Serbian war criminal Javor Zoran. He spent a week in Key West with the woman he loves. Now she has disappeared. He insists Tree find her. Both men, Tree discovers, are looking for the same woman.

There is also a dangerous doctor with a machete. Actually, Dr. Edgar Bunya says the correct name for his machete is a cutlass. Whatever you call it, Dr. Edgar appears to be a very dangerous individual who threatens to cut off Tree’s hands.

What’s more, bodies start showing up everywhere. From Key West to Useppa Island to Sanibel, Tree keeps stumbling across the corpses. The cops don’t like this one bit. His marriage is in jeopardy, his son is in trouble, his life is being threatened, and time is running out for Tree Callister in his most dangerous and action packed adventure yet.

There is Another Sanibel Sunset Detective and it finds author Ron Base at his page-turning best!

Buy Another Sanibel Sunset Detective HERE.

The Sanibel Sunset Detective Returns

Private detective Tree Callister is in big trouble. For starters, a towering, baseball bat-wielding woman appears to be intent on killing him. Then the beautiful wife of a disgraced media mogul hires Tree because she believes her husband is trying to murder her. In fact, she may be trying to murder him.

Added to that, Tree’s son Chris unexpectedly appears, accompanied by his alluring wife, chased by a couple of thugs who want half a million dollars.Then there are the dead bodies that keep showing up every time Tree turns around.Not to mention the police who charge him with being an accomplice to one murder, and accuse him of committing another. And we won’t even talk about what happens when Tree encounters a couple of hungry alligators.

Ron Base’s new mystery thriller, The Sanibel Sunset Detective Returns, is set against the gorgeous backdrop of Florida’s Sanibel and Captiva Islands. It is as chock full of breath-taking action and unexpected plot twists as his previous Tree Callister novel, The Sanibel Sunset Detective. The Sanibel Sunset Detective is back, more exciting than ever!

Buy The Sanibel Sunset Detective Returns HERE



The Sanibel Sunset Detective

Tree Callister is not much of a private detective.His first client just turned up at the door and he’s twelve years old. What’s more, the kid has the grand total of seven dollars with which to hire Tree to find his mother. Everyone on Sanibel Island in Florida where Tree lives thinks the former newspaper reporter is out of his mind. His only defender is his wife Freddie, and even she has doubts about her husband‘s new profession.

Then a headless body shows up, along with a threatening thug, the beautiful wife of a convicted media tycoon, a couple of suspicious detectives, and a former girlfriend, now an ex-FBI agent, who suspects Tree knows more than he is admitting. Suddenly, all sorts of people are trying to manipulate Tree Callister. Everyone thinks he’s in way over his head. But  maybe, just maybe, he’s going to surprise everyone—even himself. Ron Base’s new novel, The Sanibel Sunset Detective, is full of fast-paced action, humor, unexpected plot twists, and memorable characters.  Steeped in the sun-drenched atmosphere of Sanibel and Captiva, two of Florida’s most beautiful and unusual islands, this is the first in a series of Tree Callister adventures.

Buy The Sanibel Sunset Detective HERE

18 comments on “Books By Ron Base
  1. Harry Slaymaker says:

    Hi Ron,
    Just wondering when the new, “The Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives”, will be available. Since meeting you on Ft Myers Beach and buying your first Tree Callister novel I have purchased the following two novels and am eager to dive into the newest creation.

  2. ronbase says:

    Thanks for your note, Harry, and I am delighted you are enjoying Tree Callister’s adventures. I’ve just finished the fourth novel, “The Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives,” and it will be out in late November…I’ll be back on Fort Myers Beach (where a good deal of the story is set) doing book signings, so I hope to run into you…

  3. Carol L Dallas says:

    Ron, I have just finished the” Two Sanibel Sunset Detectives”, I loved it excellent characters, humor and story is well done! My husband is reading another Sanibel Detective book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I hope I run into you at the BOOkNOOK again in FMB. I shall keep an eye out for crime! Happy New Year!

    • ronbase says:

      Thanks for your kind note, Carol–and I’m thrilled you liked the latest book. A few of your words added to “The Two Sanibel Sunset detectives” Amazon web page would be a great help to the book. The link can be found at If you could find the time to write something, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a great new year–and I hope to run into you again on Fort Myers Beach!

  4. Carol L Dallas says:

    Hi Ron, I put a review on Amazon but it shows my husbands name Art fisher. Best to you!

  5. ronbase says:

    Hi, Carol…Just read your delightful review. I’m thrilled. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic words. They inspire me to keep writing!

  6. Jacqueline Mooney says:

    Well, you have gained another “Sanibel Sunset Detective” fan; this one from Massachusetts. I really enjoyed #1, and will be ordering the next one. Of course the Sanibel setting was appealing, as were the characters (once I got past the name “Tree”). Catchy plot with enough twists and turns to make the pages turn. I was intrigued by your connection to Mickey Spillane as I had known his wife Sherri from Providence. I will recommend your books to my local library.

    • ronbase says:

      Hi, Jackie…I’m delighted you enjoyed the books, and its great to have you as a fan of the books…The first time I met Mickey Spillane in Toronto he was still with Sherri–my wife, Mickey, and I attended her nightclub act together…When I saw him again years later in Murrel’s Inlet, they had split up, but I believe he was still carrying a bit of a torch for her…Did you ever hear what happened to her?

  7. Tom Alderman says:

    Nice nostalgic piece, Ron. I know that neighbourhood reasonably well, especially Barney’s Beanery. Never lived around there as you did, mind, but my Mom did. Enjoyed your resurrection of old times.

  8. Betty Busbee says:

    I have finished all four of your Sanibel Detective books…..and am waiting on the next one! Any idea when it will be available. We live in Fort Myers, but spend a week on Sanibel in September. It would be great to read your next book while there.

    • ronbase says:

      Hi, Betty…Delighted to hear you’ve read all four books. I’m putting the finishing touches to “The Hound of the Sanibel Sunset Detective” now. It will be published in November. However, it will be on line earlier. I will be glad to let you know when it’s available…Thanks so much for your interest!

  9. Betty Busbee says:

    Thanks, Ron. I will look forward to your next book. Until then, I will just have to find something else to read….perhaps one of the books you wrote before the Sanibel detective books. By the way, all except the first one that we have are autographed because we bought them at the book store on Fort Myers Beach. I love the way you describe the area! Now, just write faster!

  10. John McCarthy says:

    Hi Ron, I just finished your first “sanibel sunset detective” novel, thoroughly entertaining! It’s nice to have another author writing about sanibel and surroundings. I live in Naples, and get to the islands frequently. Sanibel causeway is my favorite roadway on the planet! Thanks for an enjoyable read. John McCarthy

  11. Jeff Marlow says:

    I will start reading the four wives of the Sanibel sunset detective.
    When will The Sanibel Sunset Detective Goes To London be out?

    • ronbase says:

      Just putting the finishing touches to it now, Jeff…will be out shortly…Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy “The Four Wives”…please let me know what you think…and thanks for taking the time to write!

  12. Betty Busbee says:

    I have read all of the other books and look forward to reading this on. Where can I find it?

  13. Linda Kauffman says:

    Tree Callister, is a one man wrecking crew, but on the receiving end, thanks to three of his four (yes, four!) wives. THE FOUR WIVES is a murder mystery and sometimes hilarious!

  14. Susan Cook says:

    My libraries in both Battle Creek, MI and on Marco Island, FL do not carry your books, Ron. I came across your titles and want have been trying to find them on CDs or Play-aways to no avail. Are any of your books out on CD? Also, is there a particular order in which they should be read? Thanks so much!

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