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Forever, Clinton

We lost a beloved family member yesterday. Clinton was the one with four legs and floppy ears. My wife Kathy and I held him in our arms at 6:15 last evening and told him how much we loved him as he

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Je Suis Québécois (Except I Am Being Held Prisoner In Milton, Ontario)

When my wife and I moved to Montreal, the Separatist government of Bernard Landry was in power. I never felt so Canadian. Living in Quebec, you are not exposed nearly so much to the incessant barrage of American culture most English

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Call Me Grand-Père Ron

Here is a sentence I never thought I would write: I have four grandchildren. Because we are a happily extended family, these four—three great boys and an adorable, I’m-not-taking-a-back-seat-to-you-pal granddaughter—have more grandparents than they know what to do with. At

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