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A Farewell to Sanibel

I lost it on Sanibel Island the other day visiting the yellow cottage that used to be Gene’s Books. For years, I did book signings in the garden behind the cottage or else in the bookshop itself, surrounded by—drowning in!—the

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Writing Sanibel: Or How An Old Dog Used A Unique Island and Technology to Learn New Tricks

In 1984, after writing for newspapers and magazines in the United States and Canada for nearly twenty years, I did what most writers dream of doing, I published a novel. It was a thriller set in Toronto about a nomadic

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The Synopsis For Ron Base’s New Novel, The Sanibel Sunset Detective Returns

What is the meaning of the Winged Rose? Private eye Tree Callister had better find out and soon. Until he does, he is in big trouble. For starters, a towering, baseball bat-wielding woman appears to be intent on killing him.

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