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Celebrating (Canadian) Film in the Age of Ultron

Last year a Canadian film titled The Grand Seduction arrived, and then quickly departed theatres in Canada and the United States. The film, directed by Don McKellar, deals with the efforts of the citizens of a small Newfoundland fishing port

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On Safari: The Lion Sleeps, The Elephants Poop, and the Leopard, the Elusive Leopard…

Michael’s searchlight picks out the lion materializing suddenly out of the darkness. A couple of females and their five cubs. Sighting female lions is not so unusual out here on the savanna or bushveld that is part of the Kapama

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Township Tourism: Welcome to the New South Africa

In the new South Africa, the poor and the oppressed have been turned into a tourist attraction. The townships on the flatlands outside Cape Town once were a symbol of the worst excesses of apartheid, the white supremacist South African

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Toto, We Are Not In Kansas Anymore…

Evidence, Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore:the captain of our Boeing 777 announces that the flight to South Africa from Dubai will be longer than usual because we must fly around war-torn Yemen. You begin to understand you are in

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